About TASK

TASK was founded in 2017, by owners who throughout their careers have been a driving force behind workforce models that focus on meat and food processing systems in metro, regional and rural Australia.

We are TASK

We are passionate industry experts in all areas of the TASK team, and we offer experience and knowledge in all channels of the meat and food processing industry.
Our dependability, experience and knowledge are proven in our blue-chip client relationships, and we are recognised in the industry as a third-party supplier that puts production systems first.
What separates us is our industry knowledge, integrated workforce models, multi-strategy workforce planning and industry-leading service innovations that are carefully planned to suit each client’s individual requirements.
We have a dedicated team, an exceptional culture and respect for each other and our business, as well as a “coal face” attitude to managing our service that has resulted in TASK becoming the most experienced meat processing workforce service provider in Australia.

We are respected by industry for our dependability and capability.

Our vision

To be the most innovative supplier of food processing workforce models that respond to real-time industry needs, allowing flexible and cost-effective use of third-party staff.

Our values


We value trust, integrity and respect in our people and communications.


We respect safety standards and value sending everybody home to their families unharmed.


We aim to invest in the goals of our workforce, which allows us to deliver a more integrated, successful service.


We value true partnerships in business; with a philosophy of meeting our client’s needs before our own.